★ Good Inspiration !

★ Affordable Milan 2017

Quando arriva la primavera, l'intero Giappone si tinge di rosa per lo spettacolo dei ciliegi in fiore. Ecco qui 'Blossom' dell'artista Kazz MOROSHITA della 銀座 Gallery G2.


Thank you for choosing me for your recommendation !  
Thanks to the director of Affordable Milan 2017 !

★ MIA in Milan2017

Wow !  A lot of people !
I participated for the first time in this art show.
Thank you for your coming my friends !  Thank you for your talking !

Thank you Milan !

★ LA ART SHOW 2017

The beginning of 2017 is LA ART SHOW !

Los Angeles is a nostalgic town of my youth.

Almost everything is changed already. But there are a few thing no changed.

Open mind, Kindness and Bright heart of people who are living in LA.

I love LA !

※ Photo by Hisako Akashi