★2016 Something New !!!

★ PDNB in Dallas, USA


My work exhibition will be held from 19th November to 31st December 2016 at Dallas Gallery "PDNB" in Texas, USA. 

Please enjoy the real texture by all means. Thank you PDNB !


★ Open Art Milano 2016

★ Fotofever Paris 2016

3度目の参加となるパリの Fotofever。



It's the 3rd time to participate Fotofever Paris.

Fotofever in Paris that will be the third participation.

I was looking forward to the evaluation of new works. There were two people who were impressed by crying, I was very happy. I have to work harder.


The air of this exhibition is unique. Very friendly. A lot of friends have been made. That is the real pleasure of the art show.

★ KIAF 2016 Art Seoul − 韓国最大のアートショー KIAF

韓国最大のアートショーKIAF に参加してきました。
去年は、我が「風ギャラリー」からの出展でしたが、今年は、仲良しの「GINZAG2 Gallery」さんからの出展。

I have been participating in the largest art show KIAF in Korea.

Last year, it was the exhibitors of my "KAZE Gallery". But,  this year, exhibitors from a good friend of "GINZA G2 Gallery"'.

Participation as an artist is comfortable. Compared to it, the role of the gallery's director is really very tough. 


Thanks to the director !  And, thanks to the visitors everyone.

★銀座屋上ギャラリー 枝香庵  開廊10周年 !

おめでとうございます !  銀座屋上ギャラリー枝香庵 が開廊10周年を記念して、3連続の企画展を開催されました。
私は、その中のひとつに未発表新作を展示させて頂きました。本当にお世話になっています。これからも、ますます素晴らしいご活躍を !
7階部分には、「枝香庵 Flat」という名の新しい展示スペースも開設されています。是非、ご利用ください。

Congratulations!  Ginza rooftop gallery Ekoan hermitage is to commemorate the 10th anniversary, has been held three consecutive exhibition.

I was allowed to exhibit unpublished new work in one of them. It really thank you for everything. In the future, more and more wonderful your success!

The 7 floor, a new exhibition space named "Ekoan Flat" has also been established. By all means, please use.


★ Affordable London & SCOPE Basel




This time of the last year,  I was going around the three countries in Europe.

However, this year, it was participation of my artworks only.

If I go to the local,  I can get not only new encounter, but also wonderful irritation.


It's impossible to go all of art show.

Where to go is a difficult decision



・Affordable London 2016


★ 台北での個展 ! — Solo Exhibition in Taipei !

・日 時 : 2016年5月27日〜6月11日

・場 所 : U space Gallery 台北市大安區敦化南路一段312號



・Uspace Gallery  in Taipei


★ Tokyo International Art Fair

東京インターナショナルアートフェアという原宿表参道で開催されるアートショーに出展します。今年は、国内充実の年 ! という訳ではありませんが。楽しみです。遊びにきて下さい。

I'm gonna participate in the art show to be held in Omotesando Harajuku of Tokyo International Art Fair.
This year, does not mean that the year of domestic enhancement!.
I'm looking forward to.
Please come to see !

● 5月13日-14日



今回の個展では、特定日のオープニングレセプションは行いません。そのかわりと言っては何ですが、毎日、午後2時から6時30分まで、KAZZ 森下がワインを携えて待っております。

タイトルは「手漉き和紙 Vs. アクリルマウント」



 3-3-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN  

 4 April—12 April 12 : 00—18: 30(17 : 00 The last day)


Solo exhibition in Tokyo !  I missed for a long time. The last time, it was before two years ago.

Recently, I've been around many art show overseas.

So, you'll be surprised to changes in my art works. Please be surprised. I'm happy if you'll discover my little growth.


In this exhibition, we do not perform the opening reception of a specific date. Instead of that, every day, from 2 pm to 6:30 pm, KAZZ Morishita is waiting for you with the wine.


The title is "handmade Japanese paper Vs. acrylic mount"

Please feel the difference between Japanese and Western texture.


★ SCOPE In New York 2016


折角、ニューヨークの展覧会に出展させて頂きましたが。本人は行けませんでした。そして、作品も売れず。どうもアメリカ市場には向いてないのでしょうか。とほほっ…。頑張るっきゃない !

In March, I was allowed to exhibit at the exhibition in New York. However, I  myself could not go. And, no one bought my art works . Apparently, am I not suitable for the United States market.
Oh my God... !  Do for it !

★ Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show 日本無極限

去年は台中。そして、今年は台北のミラマーガーデンホテルで開催の「Infinity Japan Art Show」。特に、今年は、台北一の観光地「台北 101」でブレエキシビジュンまで用意されているという得点付き。


Last year in Taichung. And, this year, "Infinity Japan Art Show" held at the Miramar Garden Hotel in Taipei. 


Especially, this year, including a profit for joining the Pre Exhibition at  "Taipei 101".  It is the most famous destination for tourist.


I heard It is planned to hold in the same hotel next year. 

Hey ! Japanese gallerists, would you join the next year !


Of course, it's fun even visit only.



台湾で初めて開催される新しい展示会 !  コミッショナーも若い !
This is the first exhibition in Taiwan ! With young friends !


★-1. Absolutely, I like Moon !

★ 新しい年の幸せな予感 ーNew Years' Happy Premonitionー


When a new year come, it will be the happy mood.

The faces of people who are walking through the town, look like something very peaceful also. Different from usual.

Is it childish that we believe to continue such a peaceful world forever ?


2016, Be wonderful year for everybody in the world !