★ Note 2013

●'Hernan Miranda' 展覧会


パラグアイの作家が日本に紹介されたのは初めてのことで、エルナン・ミランダ氏が いかに注目されているかが分かるというものです。

実は、エルナンとは友達! 昨年の夏も、彼の本拠地であるフロリダのギャラリーを訪れました。しかも、私の作品も置いてもらっています。


最終日は5月26日の日曜日(最終日は13 : 00まで)まで。

是非…是非! お出掛け下さい!



Exhibition of Mr.Helnan Miranda who is the artist and the gallerist

I respect was held untill in May 26.


Artists from Paraguay is to hold the exhibition, it is the first time in Japan!

So Cool!






自分の作品展であったなら…。どんなに嬉しいことやら。規模が違い過ぎて嫉妬はありませんが。今、モーレツに作品づくりがしたい。そんな気分で一杯です。 作家とは、業が深い生き物です。



May 6, 2013, was over at last.


The past few years, rather than my work, and I have been working hard for the exhibition of the work of others.

Do you say it's the culmination. Or, do you say it's the first step?Anyway, exhibition in Tokyo was over .


After this, it'll be held in Kansai, in Nagoya, in the region and much more is planned.


If it was my own exhibition .... !

I wonder that no matter how nice. There is no jealousy scale is too different.


Now, I'd like to create works hard. It is filled with such feeling. The creator is deeply sinful creature.








おふたりとも、20世紀の重要な写真家であるが。我が青春期に見覚えのある氏の作品を目の当たりにすると、懐かしい! という感情が先に立ってしまった。



そう。私の言いたいのは、結局、世界で認められるメイドイン・ジャパン の作品は、東洋的サブ・カルチャーなのかという点である。




Last fall, was held at the Tate Modern Gallery in London photo exhibition "William Klein + Daido Moriyama ", seems to have a very high reputation.


With both of them, it is important photographer of the 20th century. And to witness the work of Mr. familiar with during my youth, feeling that! Nostalgic got up first.


I can not help that for the media to represent the "moment" of photography, historical background of the subject is the thing that it was old.Of course, I felt in that place there is a universal appeal, as seen from the western people, he would feel to be a way of taking organic fresh photos.



So. After all, I want to say is the point of the work made ​​in Japan, which is recognized in the world, or a sub-culture of oriental.


What does the sub, but might never anything that mainstream. And,I do not even mean to express only what is needed.

This year, I want to seek once again, the identity as Japonism sought abroad.