⭐️2018 Group Exhibition ! Hope Peace !

⚪️ 'The Greeting'  Solo Exhibition at Athalie

15.March.2018 - 21.March.2018
Athalie is the famous select shop in Toyama for selebrities. Waaah !
I made a screen of cherry bloom ! 

⚪️ KUROGI in Shanghai

Marvelous Japanes Restaurant in Shanghai !
One of the most difficult restaurants to make a reservation for the dinner in Japan.

Thank you for your great choice of my art works.


⚪️ Solo Exhibition at BUNKAMURA Gallery

14.Feb.2018 -  21.Feb.2018

It is held in Shibuya, where is the most popular town among young people.

I am looking forward to seeing various people.

ありがとうございます !

今年も始まりはお声掛け頂いた「銀座 枝香庵」と「GINZA G2 Gallery」の2つのグループ展。


Thank you !
The biginning in 2018 is the invite participation for Eko-an and G2 Gallery.

Hope Peace in the world !